Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Oncological Dysfunctions

Leaders: Laura Maria Tomazi Neves and Saul Rassy Carneiro

RLs: Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Link to groups directory: http://dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo


Study Group on Physical and Sports Training – GET/UFPA

Leaders: Victor Silveira Coswig, Eduardo Macedo Penna

RLs: Human performance and metabolism; Acute and chronic effects of physical training; Fights; Martial Arts and Sports Combat Modalities.

Link to groups directory: dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo

Website: get.ufpa.br


Research Group on Sports and Exercise Psychology – GPPEE

Leaders: Daniel Alvarez Pires, Eduardo Macedo Penna

RLs: burnout in sport; Psychological dimensions of Physical Exercise.

Link to groups directory: dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo


Studies of Human Motricity

Leader: Bianca Callegari

RLs: Biomechanical and kinesiological aspects in Human Movement; Movement and Rehabilitation.

Link to groups directory: dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo


Health, Rehabilitation and Cognition

Leader: Natáli Valim Óliver Bento Torres

RLs: Associations between physical activity, cognitive performance and health in aging; Physical exercise, Rehabilitation and Non-Communicative Chronic Disease in Aging; Neurobiology of Aging.

Link to groups directory: dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo


Research group on adapted physical activity

Leaders: Anselmo de Athayde Costa e Silva, Givago da Silva Souza.

RLs: Physical Evaluation in adapted physical activity; Development of applications for evaluation in adapted physical education; Use of inertial sensors in the evaluation of physical education and adapted sports.

Link to groups directory: dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo


PENDULUM - Research Group on Physiomechanics of Locomotion and Neurofunctional Rehabilitation 

Leader: Elren Passos Monteiro

RLs: Evaluation of the ohysiomechanical aspects of locomotion in elderly and people with Parkinson's disease; Responses of different modalities of physical exercise in clinical-functional parameters in elderly and people with Parkinson's disease.

 Link to groups directory: http://dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo/4551499081176518 


Research Center for Musculoskeletal System

Leader: Maurício Oliveira Magalhães

RLs: Functional Evaluation and Rehabilitation.

Link to groups directory: http://dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo/787912 


Function and Repair of the Neuromusculoskeletal System

Leader: Suellen Alessandra Soares de Moraes

RLs: Educatin and rehabilitation; Functional rehabilitation; Tendon regeneration and neural platicity; Tendon repair

Link to groups directory: http://dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo/220820 


NeuroAtiva - Neuroscience and Physical Activity

Leader: João Bento Torres Neto

RLs: Acute and Chronical Effects of Physical Activity on the Nervous System and Cognition.

Link to groups directory: http://dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo/5227802801253681