Concentration area: Biodynamic of Human Movement

Description: this area comprehends the production of knowledge about the phenomena related to human movement to understand its outcome in terms of performance in the context of sport, physical activity and health and movement rehabilitation and through the same.


Research line

Functional Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Description: to develop research on the processes of evaluation and intervention based on methods and techniques for the functional rehabilitation of human movement – and, also, through this, observing different levels of health care.

Professors: Bianca Callegari, Elren Passos Monteiro, Ghislain Jean Andres Saunier, João Simão de Melo Neto, Josafá Gonçalves Barreto, Laura Maria Tomazi Neves, Natali Valim Óliver Bento Torres, Maurício Oliveira Magalhães, Saul Rassy Carneiro e Suellen Alessandra Soares de Moraes.


Research line

Sport, Physical activity and health

Description: To investigate the acute and/or chronical effects of physical activity, physical exercise and sport with health or performance-related outcomes in different populations.

Professors: Anselmo de Athayde Costa e Silva, Daniel Alvarez Pires, Eduardo Macedo Penna, João Bento Torres Neto, Marília Passos Magno e Silva, Victor Silveira Coswig e Alex Harley Crisp