Pai d'égua Parkinson Project

The project is from the Research Group in Physiomechanics of Locomotion and Functional Rehabilitation (Pendulum) from UFPA Castanhal Campus. Under the coordination of Professor Dr. Elren Passos, tenured teacher at PPGCMH, the group performs clinical and functional evaluations, free of charge, and offers physical exercises to improve motor, non-motor, biomechanical symptoms and the quality of life of people diagnosed with the disease. As a form of treatment, the activities offered are Nordic walking, dancing, respiratory rehabilitation, and health education about the disease. The project aims to break the stigmas and prejudices related to the disease, to provide self-knowledge to the volunteers and their families so that they can live well with the disease. The Project offers free access for people, especially the elderly, to the treatment and rehabilitation program, as a complement to the medication used for Parkinson's disease.

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